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ROSS/FLEX is an innovative and economical process of involving the customer in the design of pneumatic controls for their application.ROSS brings you into the process, to produce better solutions for your pneumatic applications. ROSS/FLEXR supports your goals and specifications with a specially-trained and equipped design engineering team and a fully-automated manufacturing system that is truly “state-of-me-art.” The net result is a unique system solution, manufactured to your requirements and developed to your schedule. It’s a special approach, involving some very unique capabilities which are available today, only at ROSS.And there are no worries about being tied to one supplier for integration with all your other units as the ROSS/FLEX® service can design and manufacture for compatibility with any brand. In addition, all the working components are proven ROSS parts– available worldwide from ROSS and its distributors.

Safety Products
t Control Reliable 3/2 and 5/2 pneumatic valves with BG certification
t Pneumatic internally monitored double valves for safety applications
t Control Reliable double valves
t Manual and solenoid L-O-XR valves for energy isolation
t EEZ-ONR valves for gradual start-up
t Manual L-O-XR valves with EEZ-ONR operation
t Modular L-O-XR air entry combination
t Stainless Steel L-O-XR valves for energy isolation
t Sensing valves Category 2 In-line valves
t Pilot operated check valves (single/double channel sensing available)
t Check valves
t Safety Clamping Devices
t HOZE-FUZER to prevent hose whip
t Silencers & reclassifiers
t Lockout verification accessories
  Glass Container Machines
t Valves designed for repeatability
t Counterblow vacuum valves
t Hi/low pressure valves
t Plunger up/down & cooling valves
t Blowhead on/off valve including kickoff
t Mold open/close valves
t Pusher valves
t Blow mold vacuum valves
t Final blow SlimlineTM valves with quick exhaust or pressure booster options
t All designed for high temperature service
t Blow pistol valve
t Proportional valves for plunger and blowing applications
t Unbeatable poppet technology for high shift consistency
t Systems, circuits & products which substantially reduce piping,fittings, maintenance, downtime, labor cost, & compressed air usage
  Steel Industry & Primary Metals Processing Products
t Valve stands, panels & enclosures
t High flow, dirt tolerant valve accessories
t High flow FRL's
t Proportional pressure controls for tension rolls
t 1/8"-3" NPT, metric & SAE threads
t Rugged construction
t Complete integrated systems
t Entry & exit systems on mills & process lines
t Water valve control for cooling & descaling
t High speed valves for brake control
t Control of inert gases to approximately 10 Bar
t High flow, dirt tolerant base mounted & in-line poppet valves
  Press Metalforming Products
t Pneumatic double valves for clutch/brake control
t 4-way double valves for clamp cylinder control
t Soft Clutch and Soft Brake modules
t Modular Press Solutions
t Custom pneumatic manifolds
t Air distribution manifolds
t Automation valve manifolds
t Die Cushion manifolds
t Lockout valve manifolds
t Main air filter and lockout devices
t Efficiently designed systems to eliminate piping connections, ease installation,reduce procurement costs, simplify troubleshooting, save energy, reducedowntime, improve appearance and consolidate space
  Aluminum Reduction
t Smelter-Duty valves and cylinders
t ENERGYSAVERR Crustbreaker valves, cylinders and systems
t Point Feed, Ore Feed and Bar Break System Solutions
t Door opening
t Overhead crane
t Pot Tapping
t Anode Forming
t Casthouse
t Pneumatic Conveying
t PTM (Pot Tending Machine) Controls
t Safety Systems
  General Automation Products
t Line-mounted valves
t ISO, ANSI, SAE base mounted valves
t Flow control valves
t Check valves
t Pendant control valves
t Manual L-O-XR valves
t EEZ-ONR valves
t Filters, regulators and lubricators
t High-flow reverse flow regulators
t High capacity water & particulate filters
t Silencers
t Mechanical valves
t Pilot operated valves
t Pilot operated check valves
t Dale Series poppet, manifold and leak tight valves
t Serial BUS systems
t Pneumatic relief valves
t Vacuum valves
t Right angle pilot operated checks, EEZ-ONR valves, & regulators
t Foot & hand valves

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