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“Why Use Double Valve?
A double valve is designed to promote safety in the operation of many pneumatically controlled machines, and satisfy OSHA regulatory requirements for valves used on mechanical power presses employing pneumatically controlled clutch and breake mechanisms.
A ROSS double valve has two valve elements independently controlled by two solenoid pilot valves. The two valve elements share common inlet, outlet, and exhaust ports. When the pilot valves are operated simultaneously so that during normal operation the valve functions like a three-way valve with a single element.
If one of the valve elements does not open or close in sync with the other, the valve is designed to keep the pressure on the ourlet port at less than two percent of the inlet pressure. This is an inherent safety characteristic of ROSS' double valve design. Valve element redundancy provides a safety factor as the likelihood of both valve elements malfunctioning on the same cycle is considered extremely remote.


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